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CCM Engineering’s workshop extends over an area of 23,000 m2 of which 6,000 m2 are indoor.
Technical, Administration, Commercial and Management offices are located next to the production over an area of approx. 500 m2.
The main building is dedicated to the fabrication, testing, surface treatment, packing and inspection of equipment. It’s composed by two bays of approx. 140 m length and 18 m wide each one. Machining is performed on a dedicated area of 300 m2.
The warehouse is divided in four areas (small parts, bigger parts, special materials and welding consumables) for approx. 300 m2.
Shop equipments directly involved in the production includes (but are not limited to) the following:
  • 1 automatic plasma & oxy-fuel cutting machine of capacity up to 12 m length, 3 m wide and 100 mm thickness;
  • 3 rolling machine;
  • 14 portable welding machine (manual and semi-automatic);
  • 4 automatic welding machine;
  • 2 ESW machine for weld overlay;
  • machining equipments (manual and automatic driller, vertical and horizontal lathes);
  • 6 bridge cranes;
  • 4 forklifts;
  • 2 portable plasma cutting machine;
Other (beveller, press, shear, punch, bender, tube finning etc…)