Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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Shell&Tube Heat Exchanger is definitely the CCM's core business. Our portfolio includes more than 1,000 successfully supplied equipment worldwide during more than 40 years, collecting a deep experience and lasting tradition.

CCM can Design, Fabricate and Test any TEMA type, Multipipe, Double Pipe, and ASME I heat exchanger for the Oil&Gas, Chemical, Power, Water Treatment and Industrial business sectors.

Material of construction may be: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Alloy Carbon Steel (1¼Cr ½Mo, 2¼Cr 1Mo), Duplex, SuperDuplex, Cladded and Weld Overlayed Steel, Nickel Alloys (625, 825), Copper Alloys, HASTELLOY® Alloy, MONEL® Alloy, Titanium, etc.

The production capability is limited by ID< 4 m and mass below 100 ton.